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Brittany12 I've noticed a lot of people are saying this doesn't remove their makeup, but it's not supposed to. You're supposed to use a makeup remover wipe, and then go in with the cleanser. Anyway, I really liked this one. I use it with my Clarisonic and it's so gentle. I was worried it would hurt, but it doesn't. I noticed improvement in my skin immediately. I use this at night and then use my Mario Badescu Acne cleanser in the morning without the Clarisonic.

swatx When my sample of the Refreshing Gel Cleanser that came with my Clarisonic ran out, I purchased the full size of that and the full size of this acne cleanser to see which I liked better. I have severe acne and extremely oily skin (we're talking look like a bucket of grease was dumped on my face within 2 hours of applying mattifying EVERYTHING). I noticed a difference in about a month of using my Clarisonic, but that was with the refreshing gel cleanser. When I began using this, I didn't really notice anything happen at all. I went back to the refreshing one, and within 2 uses my skin's texture felt like it was already improving and my acne continued to clear up (not totally, but more than anything else had done for it). The refreshing one also has witch hazel/willowbark in it, which is what I think helped clear my skin. The acne one is probably still worth a try if you suffer from acne, but my recommendation is to try their Refreshing Gel Cleanser, as it had a much better impact on my acne & seemed to control oil fairly well (and did not dry my skin out). Neither are the best at removing makeup alone, so I use something to remove the majority of my makeup before going in with my Clarisonic.

Maddi I use this twice a day with my Mia 2 clarasonic and have been for the past 6 months, NOTHING has worked better for my acne! Nothing any dermatologist has ever given me has worked better. I have combination skin and this keeps me valanced

Michaela I use this twice a day with my Mia 2 clarasonic and have been for the past 6 months, NOTHING has worked better for my acne! Nothing any dermatologist has ever given me has worked better. I have combination skin and this keeps me valanced

Nikki Raey After years of reading reviews I took the leap and invested in the Clarisonic Mia 2. I must admit so far it is well worth the price tag. I just purchased the daily acne cleanser and I think it is worth the price tag. It helps manage my blemish and mini-break outs and it does not dry out my skin. I have very sensitive skin and this product does not irritate my face in any way. Of course, with any product they do not work the same for everyone and every skin type. For me personally, it works and so far so good.

Smokey#1 I was in between cleansers when a co-worker gave this to me. Love it! My skin wasn't too bad when I started but it looks so smooth and clear that I barely need makeup anymore. I'm almost done with the tube and my usual practice is to bounce from brand to brand but not this time. It lasts a long time so I have no trouble spending $ for something that works. It's worth it!

Vanessa This was an expensive purchase for me. I use it at night before bed for two reasons. First, I feel like my skin is clean after I have only been sleeping, so I don't feel I need to cleanse my skin in the morning. Second is to make the product last a bit longer. I use it with my Clarisonic. My skin feels much cleaner afterwards. I used it consistantly for 2 weeks, with great results. Less pimples and smoother skin. I then went on a 10 day camping trip and did not use it nearly as consistantly. I noticed a difference, my skin was back to its old tricks. My skin feels a tad bit more dry than it usually does, but it is also summer, so I can't blame this product for sure. I normally buy store brand skin cleansers, but I will stick with the for a while. I am very happy with it.

Jen I bought this product because I have breakouts around my mouth constantly. I used this product of over a month and saw slight results but more than anything it dried my face out, which in the winter intensifies it even more than normal, at least for me. I did not use this with a Clarisonic. I was told that I could use the facewash alone and it should still work. I really wanted this to work but after about a month I ended up returning the product.

Cass I was using another face wash with my clarisonic and was still breaking out pretty badly. I decided to switch to the name brand face wash that goes with the clarisonic. However I'm a little disappointed with it. It does definitely make my skin feel a lot cleaner, but I noticed that it dries out my skin, particularly around my nose. It also has a really weird smell that I cannot stand. I would recommend this to friends with oily skin since it does dry me out

soo This product keeps my acne at bay. It isn't so fast-acting that your existing acne will immediately go away, but that's with most acne products. It does help in helping it go away but it does take time. Since I have been using this product, I have had no new acne form. It makes my face feel very clean and it's a good product but not too strong that it would dry your face out.


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Clarisonic Acne Daily Clarifying Clea…

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